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True Story: Escort Overnight Booking

This article presents a true story written by an author who wishes to remain anonymous.

True Story Escort in the casino

I received a call from my escort agency that a real polite gentleman had requested me for an overnight booking and a night out in a casino. Maybe he thought that I bring him luck and I was supposed to meet him in the lobby of his hotel. I was flattered but also worried; first of all I'd never been to a Casino and the worries that this man might lose a fortune in my presence gave me some trepidation.

The requested dress was to be elegant. I pushed all negative thoughts to the side and took the initiative to organise this date as best I could. First I picked an elegant but very sexy dress from my wardrobe, which emphasises my small waist, long legs and my nice, round, average sized boobs. Right away I made an appointment with my hair dresser for the next day to get a classic and stylish style which would accentuate my nice neck and put focus on my daring cleavage.

Finally I got my laptop powered up to inform myself about casinos in London. I learned that London’s casinos are exciting, extravagant, exquisite and elegant. I was surprised by the array of activities offered, which ranged from dining, clubbing, gambling, gaming, socialising or simply relaxing, which put my mind at ease. I promised myself that I would make this evening worthwhile, loaded with fun, be on this gentleman’s side and bring him tons of luck.

The next day I called the escort agency to find out if they knew which casino he planned to visit. They promised to get back to me. 15 minutes later I learned that a one of the most popular, and one that I'd read about, was picked. Famous for light style gambling, serving delicious cuisine and wines, and there was a disco and even a swimming pool available nearby. I decided to be prepared and chose a cute, skimpy bikini to take along.

All went well that day; I arrived looking like the natural sophisticated lady and entered the chic lobby of the hotel. He was exactly where I was supposed to meet him, sitting in a comfortable armchair with the Financial Times in his hands. Greeting me with a pleased smile he got up, introduced himself and kissed me left and right on my cheeks. “You smell nice” he said and I left on his arm, feeling very comfortable and happy. He felt like a confident person and acted like a true gentleman, when he opened the car door of the taxi for me and helped me to step in. He handed me the envelope in the taxi, I tucked it away and later on I realised that this was the first time I did not check the content.

We went straight to the casino where he presented his membership card at the entrance. I was much impressed by the stylish interior and tasteful design; he seemed to have been here before as he took me to the cloak room, where the attendant helped us out of our coats. “Nice”, he said, when he looked at me and I felt so pleased. He looked fantastic too, he was in his forties, his suit fitted perfectly and his blue eyes in his sun tanned face had a wonderful sparkle. I could not help it but I blushed.

After a delicious dinner we visited the gaming room where we were assigned two seats at the roulette table. He handed me five £50 chips and invited me to play. I was terrified at that moment, asking myself what would happen if I lost. I informed him that I have never gambled before and he answered “Well, then you will be most likely blessed with beginners luck.“ I certainly was; after about an hour I had a pile of chips in front of me, in my hand a glass of the best champagne I ever had in my life and a man on my side who intrigued and fascinated me with his personality, humour, confidence and looks. It was clear to me: this casino visit I will never forget.

We got up and went to dance “You should not challenge your luck too much” he mentioned with a smile. The disco was not too crowded, the atmosphere was cosy and the air vibrated with the beat of the music and a wonderful saxophone in the background created sensual tingles on my skin. He was a great dancer and when a blues song started he pulled me close, I smelled him, felt his hand on my hips and his warm body on mine generating a heat inside of me and I got unusually weak in my knees. He whispered in my ear: “Do you think it’s a good idea to go back to my hotel?” I agreed and my heartbeat accelerated. He changed the chips to money and split the amount in half. I refused to accept it, as I felt I already was paid and had a night to remember.

His room was elegant and spacious; standing on a side table there was champagne waiting in a cooler with two glasses, fresh fruit, and a bowl of Mousse de Chocolate topped with dots of cream and a bouquet of beautiful, dark red Baccara roses in the centre. He obviously had informed himself about my preferences and I was overwhelmed by so much details and care. We drank champagne, enjoyed each a few spoonful of the Mousse which melted in my mouth and then he kissed me, slowly, tender and then excited. He tasted sweet like the chocolate we just had.

We quickly undressed and there was no way to stop the appetite we had for each other. We went into the shower and he carefully spread the shower cream onto my back, bottom, belly and boobs, touching them, playing with them and kissing me in between. Carefully he went with his hand up from my ankles to my thighs; I burned with desire and passion when we rubbed each other dry. He carried me to the king size bed, where emotions and lust took over to celebrate sensual highs. He was an absolutely fantastic lover. When he entered me slowly, breathing heavily I lost track of time. When the sun came up we were deeply satisfied and exhausted in a perfect way, hours had passed without us noticing it.

We meet regularly now. I look forward to each visit. He comes to London every three months and then we have the best of all times. By the way, when I had left his hotel room and got home I found a second envelope in my purse which he had most likely put in when I was in the bathroom. There was a note: “I know money can’t buy love but you won this money and you deserve your share. I got much more out of it than I paid for your time. Accept it, buy something which reminds you of this first night. Many will follow, if you like!" I cried when I read this, put the roses in a vase and thought about the wonderful hours I had spent with him. I am a London escort but I am also just a girl.

This article was uploaded in February 2014. It has minor edits for grammar.