Terms and Conditions


1.0 Payments
Cash payments are to be made during the first 10 minutes of your appointment. Discounts are not available.

2.0 Refunds
If for any reason you need to leave your appointment early, no refunds are issued.

3.0 Cancellations
Please give us as much notification as possible if you need to cancel your appointment. If you wish to cancel an appointment after commencement and do not wish to proceed with your booking, please do so within the first 10 minutes. A 15% charge of the total fee will be payable, plus any incurred travel costs. For cancellations after the first 10 minutes, please see term 2.0.

4.0 Escorts
Please note, all our escorts work on a self employed basis.

5.0 Service
Your payment covers the time and companionship offered by our escorts. Any activities which occurs within your appointment are between two consenting adults.

6.0 Overnight
Overnight bookings are generally for between 8 or 10 hours and must include some rest time and sustenance. Please confirm the duration with us when booking.

7.0 Privacy
We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). We do not sell details to advertising companies. We will not e-mail you in the future unless you have given us your consent.
We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent. Any information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with the law.

8.0 Content on other sites
We cannot always take responsibility for associated content on other websites. Information and rates on this website will always take precedent.

9.0 Cookies
In accordance with the 2012 Privacy and Electronics Regulations, we inform you that we use first party cookies for analytical purposes. This allows us to view traffic to the website and use of its content. Personal information is not held by us. Depending on your browser, you can delete these cookies within Options on your browser menu. If you require assistance with this, please contact us.
If you are a user of our mobile website, then we use a session cookie in order for you to automatically view the mobile phone version of the website. This cookie is set to expire after one hour.

Terms and Privacy