Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book an escort?
Please call us on 07532 032076 (this is +44 7532 032076 if calling from a non-UK number). Simply let us know who you would like to meet and when.

Can I book by text/SMS or email?
Mostly, this is not possible. However, individuals who enjoy a good booking history with us, and who also receive positive feedback from our escorts, may enjoy this privilege at our discretion.

Can I check availability by text or email?
Yes, but bookings must still be made by telephone.

Can I pay by card, venmo or cashapp?
Usually not, but sometimes this is possible if indicated on each escort's profile page.

Can I pay with Bitcoin?
Possibly for bookings made in advance, please ask us.

Can I pay with another currency?
This is sometimes possible but is subject to an additional surcharge to cover the escort's costs when converting the currency back to pounds sterling. This can only be done by prior arrangement with the agency when making your booking, so please check with us first.

How do I make a hotel booking?
Please read » how to book a London escort to my hotel.

Are the escorts independent?
Yes. The agency takes bookings on their behalf.

Can I book an escort for a duration not shown on her profile?
Possibly. Please contact us to check.

Can I book an escort to visit me at Heathrow Airport?
Some of our escorts can travel to Heathrow but will ask for all travel costs to be covered. Please ask about these bookings in advance, if possible.

Are the photos genuine?
Every escort on this website is real and the photos are genuine. Some photographers use airbrushing to make photos appear more flattering. As a general rule, if an escort's photos are not truly representative of her look then we do not take bookings on her behalf.

I am a single woman, can I book one of the escorts?
Yes, some of our escorts also enjoy meeting women, please let us know who are you are interested in meeting and we can check for you.

We are a male and female couple, can we book one of the escorts?
Yes, a few of our escorts particularly enjoy meeting couples. There is usually a surcharge for couples, indicated on the ladie's profile page.

Can I book an escort for a meeting outside of London?
Possibly. Prior to particularly long bookings we would encourage a shorter booking to reassure compatibility. Bookings outside of London are usually of a much longer duration and your escort will often request a deposit in advance to secure the booking and cover her travel costs, if applicable.

I want to speak directly to the escort, can she call me or can you give me her number?
Sorry this is not possible. We take bookings on behalf of the escorts only.

How do I make the photos bigger?
On each escort's webpage, clicking the photo will expand it to the size of your browser. Sometimes it is possible to expand the photo to its full resolution if a large version has been given to us by the escort. After you've clicked on the photo, either press "F" on your keyboard or press the little square with diagonal arrow, and this will enlarge the photo to its 100% size.

How long is an overnight?
This differs for every escort, please call us or send us a message via the contact page for more details.

You didn't answer the phone
We have a target to answer all calls within ten seconds, but this is sometimes not possible during busy periods. We make use of two phone lines but there are sometimes rare occasions where we cannot answer you as quickly as we would like. On the rare instances this happens, please bear with us and try calling again.

Would you like to ask a question that isn't answered here? Please ask us via our » contact form. If we think it would make a useful addition, we'll add it to this page.