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Why do escorts use different names?

We are sometimes asked why escorts change their names or use different names across different websites or agencies.

London escorts with different names

By far the most common reason we have encountered this is because on occasion the name that the escort wants to use is already taken. A few years ago there was a period of time when many escorts wanted the name "Nicole", this was around the time when Nicole Kidman was at the height of her fame. As soon as the name was taken, other escorts were then required to choose another name, despite them being known as Nicole on other websites.

This probably happens at least once a month and often explains the confusion of why escorts change their name across different websites. Sometimes an escort has to use her third or fourth choice name if the moniker is already taken. Most recently the escort Lisa was unable to use her first and second choices, respectively Maya and Monica.

Another reason for a change of name can be if a an escort wants to reinvent herself. This could come from a number of causes; some bad feedback, superstition, new photos or new style. As a general rule we don't permit escorts to change their names once they've been established on our site. An example of an exception to this was an escort who became very popular with a rate of £150. She had a beautiful new photoshoot and wanted to increase her rate to £200.

At Rosebud London Escorts we also try and leave a period of time before allowing a new girl to use a name that was previously used by another escort. This is simply to avoid any confusion that a girl has returned and avoid any risk of mistaken identity.

A glance at our alphabetical list of escorts on the main gallery will indicate another curious fact about names, this being that the majority of escorts pick a name beginning with the letter A. The reason for this is quite simple; it gives them an alphabetical advantage over the other escorts that they will get seen first when photos are sorted by letter.

It's also correct that some escorts have very similar names (Amina, Amira, Samira and Mia, Maya for examples) and because of this we'll usually repeat the booking back to you to ensure that all details are correct. Sometimes our best efforts can't counter every eventuality. We once had a client from Portugal who had written down the name and number of the escort he wanted to see prior to his arrival in London. Unfortunately, he had written the name of an escort from another agency alongside the number of the Rosebud agency. By coincidence, we also had a girl by this name and went ahead and confirmed the booking, with the young lady arranged to meet him at his hotel.

When she arrived, he thought we'd made a mistake or had possibly used fake pictures. The escort was able to show the Rosebud escorts website to him on her phone and he then realised his error and how he had muddled the names. He proceeded with the booking and happily the evening was successful, with him choosing to extend and spend the rest of the evening together.

This article was uploaded in February 2014.