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Erotic Fiction: Night Train from London

This is a work of fiction submitted to us by "Kenny" and reproduced by kind permission.

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Euston station was bustling even at this late hour, coming up to midnight, with Londoner's rushing for last trains and heading home. I had made this journey many times, the late overnight sleeper train from London to Edinburgh and now rather enjoyed the occasions where I could rest with the gentle rocking motion of the train and wake up feeling refreshed in Scotland. I had lived in London for four years but still returned home every couple of months to visit my family and friends. I have a preference for travelling light, and had also found the journeys had evolved over the years from reading books or listening to music, to passing the time with a laptop or tablet computer. Mostly the journeys are spent sleeping but occasional distractions can be gained if sharing a compartment with another passenger.

In similar ways to hoping you might get the seat next to the pretty girl on an airplane (maybe once in thirty flights, and then I was with a girlfriend) I often thought of how charming it would be to share a cabin with a stunning beauty, but in reality I was usually either alone or with another man. As long as the passenger didn't snore, journeys were pleasant and straightforward.

With this in mind it was a great surprise to me when an attendant pushed open the door and showed an unbelievably cute blonde into the compartment. She smiled at me for only a fleeting moment, her eyes immediately going to her side of the cabin and putting down a backpack that was almost as big as her. She was around 5ft 4" tall, with long blonde hair tied back. She wore blue jeans with a sparkling belt, white trainers and a black padded coat. The attendant closed the door and she began searching through her bag to retrieve a large bottle of water. I watched her but didn't want any awkwardness, so my attention returned to my tablet computer as I sat on my bed.

Fortunately she broke the ice by asking me if I would mind if she reopened the door. I told her I didn't mind at all but when she spoke, I could immediately tell she had an Eastern European accent. "Where are you from?" I asked. She didn't look at me when she responded "I am from Czech Republic". There was nothing else and not wanting to press her further at this point, I continued to read the news on my tablet.

Around fifteen minutes later, the train began to move out. By this point, my travel companion had unpacked some food from her bag, removed her coat and trainers, and was sitting on her bed, facing me but with her attention in a fashion magazine. I thought it was quite dark and asked her if she'd like me to turn one of the lamps on for her. She smiled, having not realised there was a lamp near her head and turned it on herself. "Thank you" she said, for the first time making eye contact with me and smiling. She had the most pure blue and beautiful eyes, with silken dark eyelashes and mascara that gave her the most sexy look. I was able to hold the eye contact for a while before she looked back down, and couldn't help feeling that her face seemed familiar to me. Those eyes were like no-one else I'd ever seen, so piercing and beautiful, with their rich blue enchanting look. I held my gaze for and was suddenly aware that I maybe looked for too long. I returned to my tablet and took out a small flask of whiskey that I had in my jacket.

From my peripheral vision I saw her look at me as I took a swig and then I looked up. She smiled at me, a most distinctive and warm smile. "Whiskey", I said. "Would you like some?" I asked, offering the flask. She reached forward with her beautifully manicured and painted fingernails, holding the flask and taking two swigs. She handed the flask back to me and I took the opportunity to converse. "Have you been on this train before?" I asked. She responded that it was her first time and that she had intended to visit Scotland for the with a friend, but the friend had bailed out on her. Not wanting to waste her ticket, she had decided to travel anyway. She asked me the same question, and I explained that my family were now based in Edinburgh and that although I worked in London I often travelled back to see them and had ridden the train many times.

After this exchange, she stood up and said she was going to the bathroom, taking a small bundle of clothing as she left. She closed the door after she'd gone and I caught my reflection in the window with a smile, realising what a pleasant surprise I'd had to the usual companion who would be sitting opposite me.

When she returned, she was wearing a large t-shirt which fell over her jeans. She closed the door and asked if she should latch it, to which I nodded. She placed the bundle of clothing next to her large bag. From the corner of my eye I could see a toothbrush sticking out but also the straps of her bra. I didn't want to make it obvious at all, but it did appear that she wasn't wearing a bra under the t-shirt. Her breasts were small but it was possible shortly after to determine the impression of her nipples against the white cotton of the shirt. To my surprise she then pulled off her jeans, slowly pulling down the large t-shirt to cover the top of her legs. She folded the jeans very neatly and put them next to the bed and I did my best not to make my focus obvious as she bent over. This girl was sensational, a beautiful and slim little body, absolute perfection, the excess of which I could not even begin to imagine. She clambered onto her bed and lifted up the bedclothes, draping them over her legs but still sitting with her back against the compartment wall and facing me. She picked up her magazine and recommenced reading, looking up briefly and catching me looking at her. She smiled and giggled a little. I now felt conscientious and was wishing that I'd thought to get undressed whilst she'd stepped out.

I offered her another tot of whiskey. She accepted gratefully, and she handed the flask back to me, beamed a brighter smile than before. This was the moment of realisation for me, a very slight gap in her top teeth gave me the flash of inspiration where I'd seen her before, although I wanted to remain and act casual. I took another swig from the flask and placed it next to me.

Living in London has given me many new experiences in life, not least a few wonderful and rewarding encounters with escorts. A single man in my late thirties, my work hours have made traditional relationships difficult and meeting escorts would bring satisfaction and fulfilment when timed to perfection. Some of the escorts in London that I'd met over the years, not many I may add, have been so beautiful they have fulfilled fantasies and left me smiling for days and walking on air. I confess I do not book escorts often, a mixture of circumstance, finance, mood and opportunity dictates this, but on occasion I still enjoy looking at London escort agency websites and at certain times, photos of girls catch my attention. Then it came to me, this girl before me, this beautiful small vision of beauty from the Czech Republic, bore the most remarkable similarity to a girl I had seen on one of these escort websites. I racked my brain and memory to try and think what it was and returned to the internet browser on my tablet.

It's frustrating how internet connections can fail you at the worse times, but those minutes trying to connect seemed to last an eternity. The connection would come and go, but finally stabilised. There are only a few websites I look at, and I scanned through them until I found what I was looking for. The resemblance was remarkable, there she was a five foot four inch blonde called Sara. Her origin? The Czech Republic. Her age stated as 22, which seemed about right. Her breast size 32B, her English fluent and then the final clue I was looking for. The last photo on her profile page had her looking straight into the camera and with a broad smile and there it was, the slightest of gaps between her top teeth. I looked up briefly, she was still reading her magazine, and I went back to the tablet and scanned the details again.

I must've looked at the photos intensely for a few minutes, and when I glanced up again she was looking at me. Perhaps she had observed the different expressions on my face, perhaps I had looked at her differently, but look she did, right into my eyes with a gentle smile. "Do you mind if I have another little bit of whiskey? Is that alright?" she asked. I quickly uttered that it was OK and reached across for the flask. As I leant to the side, the tablet slipped from my lap and fell to my side, exposing the screen visibly to my companion.

"What's this you're looking at?" she asked, pushing herself over and reaching across to take the tablet before I had a chance to readjust myself. She sat back and looked at the screen, whilst I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and went bright red. "What beautiful photos" she remarked, flicking her manicured finger across the screen. "And two hundred pounds for one hour, do you think that is a good deal?" she enquired. It took me a moment to collect my thoughts, still clutching the flask. "I think she's one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen" I responded. She nodded to me and then reached out to extend her grasp and take my flask. She put down the tablet just far enough away so I couldn't reach it and then took a drink. She put the flask to her side and held the tablet again. "This is what you've been looking at while you were sitting there. What would you do if you were with this girl?". I wasn't sure how to reply. As she readjusted her position, the bedclothes had moved to the side exposing part of her left thigh. It may have been my imagination but I was sure her nipples had become slightly more pronounced against her shirt.

"I'm not sure, I think I'd see how it goes" I responded. "You should show more initiative" she said, before reaching over to the door to check that the latch was secure. As she reached across, the bedclothes fell further away and she lifted up slightly, exposing her bum and white knickers. When she sat back, her leg was still exposed and she made no effort to cover it. She turned off the lamp next to her, leaving only a little illumination from the lamp on my side. "Would you pay two hundred pounds to spend time with a girl like that?" she asked again, before following with "have you met girls like this before?". "I certainly would, and yes I have" I replied. After a moment of smiling at me, she made my heart skip a beat when she said "maybe you should get ready for bed".

I stood up and took off my shirt and then my socks and jeans, pushing them to the edge of the bed. "Looks like those photos had quite an effect on you" she remarked, looking at my boxer shorts. I couldn't attempt to hide my arousal, pressed against the material of my underwear. I sat down and moved to pull the bed clothes over me. "If I was that girl, what would you do first?" she asked. "I'd pay her £200 for her time" I replied. After a moment of her smiling at me, I reached for my wallet, took out ten £20 notes and put them on the small table between our beds. She took the notes and moved them to her magazine.

It happened so quickly that she stepped out of the bed, got on her knees and took my cock from my shorts. So quickly did it happen, I barely had time to draw breath before I was hard and in her warm, wet mouth. She closed her eyes and slowly moved up and down, I reached down with my right hand and gently rested my fingers against her soft blonde hair. Backwards and forwards she moved with her wet, eager lips, gradually going deeper and deeper until she had reached her limit.

She leaned back and I lifted my head and was about to thank her, thinking she was going to return to her magazine and leaving me so pleased but desperately on the edge. From her bag she retrieved a condom and deftly tore off the wrapper before putting it on me. She pulled off her t-shirt with one swift movement and threw it on top of my clothes at the bottom of my bed. Her breasts were pale, with small hard nipples, the most exquisite and beautiful tits I had ever seen. I eagerly wanted to touch and kiss them, but she was just out of my reach as she stood and removed her knickers, sliding them down to her ankles and then stepping out of them. I noticed her toenails immaculately painted too, beautifully pedicured.

The size of the bed made movement awkward, but she pushed her hands on my chest and climbed up, straddling me. With a swift motion she guided me gently inside her. I felt my muscles tighten, and she inhaled as I pushed a little deeper. I wondered later whether I had made too much noise that neighbours might hear, and felt sure they would at least have heard the creaking and squeaking of the narrow bed. I reached up at this point and ran my hands up her clear, pale and soft skin, from her slim waist, across her flat stomach and up to those perfect little breasts. My fingers danced gently around her nipples, rubbing them softly. I moved my hands down her back, appreciating every inch that my finger tips passed and the sensation, until I lifted my head and back so that I could slide my palms under her arse and squeeze her pert little bottom. I moved to kiss her but she gently moved her head away, and instead I kissed and nuzzled her neck. At this point I contemplated a change of position but really was unsure what other options could safely be undertaken in such a confined space. Here she became more intense, pushing me back again and suddenly I felt my body jolt, that I was going to climax. She pushed herself up, jumping to her feet before immediately dropping to her knees again. She removed the condom and threw it to the floor.

Again, her warm wet lips enveloped my cock, now on the verge of a climactic eruption. "I'm going to come" I murmured, my hands thrown up and covering my face, trying to stifle and sounds I would make. I was surprised that she didn't move her head and continued to suck ravenously until I could hold back no longer and my muscles released, spewing forth semen. She moved her head back and I looked up to see my cum running from her lips, her hands, down onto her breasts and back down onto me. She picked up her t-shirt and used it to wipe her hands and mouth, then looking at me with a smile.

She didn't say another word, turned and slipped her naked body into her bed. I got under the covers and turned out the light, lying in disbelief at what had just happened. I lay awake for a few minutes, wondering if she was sleeping and thinking of this beautiful naked girl that I could reach out and touch. I then fell asleep, and slept the deepest sleep I'd ever had on an overnight train.

When I awoke the next morning, sunlight was creeping into the compartment and I could hear the bustle of the station, knowing the train had arrived in Edinburgh. As I pushed myself to sit up, my heart sank. My beautiful blonde companion had gone. For a moment I wondered if I'd dreamed our encounter, but I was still naked under the covers. I realised this beautiful girl must've disembarked at one of the previous stations while I was still asleep, and that I was so deep asleep she was able to leave without waking me. As I sat up, one of the attendants made his way along the corridor and was knocking on the doors to ensure everyone knew we'd arrived. On the table adjacent to my bed was my tablet computer and my flask but also, to my amazement, £200. The very same money I had given to this girl only hours before she had returned and placed neatly under my flask.

It took me some moments to stir myself, and another call from the train attendant, to get dressed and packed. My family asked me how my trip had been, and I could only think to say "like a dream".

I looked at the escort website photos again and again in the days following, and in the weeks afterwards thought often about whether this really was the same girl from the website and whether I should call her agency and try and book her to meet her in London. A number of times I was ready to dial the number, but each time I talked myself out of it, wondering how it would ever match the train encounter. Eventually, her photos disappeared and I imagine she left London and returned to the Czech Republic. I would never know for sure whether it was the same girl, but what I do know is that at that moment, she was the perfect girl.

This work of fiction was uploaded in March 2014.