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True Story: The Sweetest Escort

This story was told to us by one of our escorts, now retired, and transcribed for this website.

True Story Escort in the casino

I had been escorting for almost a year and was living in a lovely two bedroom small house in the centre of London. I originally came to London from Russia with an English boyfriend and had been working as a lapdancer in a few different clubs in Soho. I was introduced to escorting by another dancer and saw it as a better opportunity to make a good income but with a better flexibility of hours which would allow me to study during the day.

My boyfriend and I had separated not long after I'd arrived in London, but I had made many friends here and was having a lot of fun so decided to stay. The first few weeks of escorting were a mixture of nerves and excitement but I met many amazing individuals that I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. I was taken to beautiful restaurants, bars and hotels, and even met a celebrity. It was tremendously exciting and I confess I put my studies on hold for a few months.

The little house I had was shared with an incredibly pretty girl from Poland, a slim brunette with looks that could've graced the cover of a magazine. We put a lot of effort into making the place cosy and comfortable, a lovely place to live and relax, but also creating a sexy ambience and space to retreat to. Downstairs we had a small living room with an open plan kitchen, and upstairs our two bedrooms and a bathroom. It was an ideal home and location and I was thrilled to find it.

After a few months of escorting at this charming place, one evening I received a call from one of my agencies asking if I was available to meet one of their regular clients. I told them I was available that evening and they proceeded to tell me that the client had a number of requests and liked to play games. Additionally, he wanted two girls to join us. Unfortunately my house mate was away, but I agreed to accommodate and the agency told me that the other two girls would arrive at my place about half an hour prior to the client, in order that they would have time to get ready. Before saying goodbye, the agency told me that I would receive an additional fifty pounds from the client. I asked if this was for hosting, but was told it was for "cleaning". I finished the phone call, totally puzzled by this last comment but intending to make it fully clear to the client that I wouldn't let my beautiful home get dirty.

A few hours later the other girls arrived. Both were blonde, one much taller than the other and with fake boobs. The shorter blonde was natural and not as slim. Girls can't help compare themselves with each other and I felt confident I was looking my best. The other girls got ready and we prepared the living room for a party, with a good selection of drinks and some snacks available too.

We were ready for the client but instead of my intercom buzzing, I received a phone call from the agency. My first thought was that the client was running late or maybe was cancelling, but they asked me if I could walk out to the security gates and "help the client with his case because he was struggling". I agreed and went outside.

A short walk away from my flat was the gated security entrance, and I could see a very smartly dressed and older, grey haired gent stepping out of a black taxi cab and pulling out two huge suitcases, both of which fell to the pavement with a bump. I had put a jumper over my shoulder, but was conscientious that I was tottering along awkwardly on very high heels. I greeted the client after he'd paid the cab and he apologised for having to call me out. My first guess was that he must've just arrived from travelling and was stuck with his luggage, these two enormous cases, and it's not unusual to meet clients with bags when they are travelling. I'm not sure what my neighbours would've thought if they'd seen me hauling one of these hefty trunks alongside this gentlemen, it must've seemed a very peculiar sight. We got to my door and pulled the cases into the living room, with the client instructing to put them down next to my dining table. He greeted the other girls and took off his coat. I love gentlemen with good manners; he was polite, respectful and also immediately each gave us envelopes that were marked with our names, with our agreed financial gifts for the evening. He was relaxed and invited each of us to check the contents to ensure they were correct and they were quite accurate, mine including the previously mentioned but mysterious cleaning surcharge.

I offered drinks for everyone and we sat on the sofa together. For the next half an hour, we relaxed over the drinks, chatted and he told us stories about his work and travel, the latter being quite substantial as he travelled a lot for his work. After this time, I asked him how we would like to spend the rest of his evening. He told us that his greatest pleasures came from seeing beautiful girls enjoying themselves and invited each of us to take it in turn to stand before the others and do a dance and striptease. I love to dance, it is one of my passions, and my practice and experience as a lap and pole dancer gives me a lot of confidence in how to look good and push the buttons to excite a man, and sometimes women too!

The shorter blonde volunteered to go first. I topped up the drinks and dimmed the lights, lighting a few candles also before sitting down. The room was fabulous and absolutely perfect. I can't remember the song she danced to, it was slow and sensual and really had the desired effect on our guest. He had a broad smile on his face and had loosened his tie. She slowly removed her dress, revealing very stylish black bra, knickers and stockings. She took off the stockings and was about to unclip her bra when our gent held up his hand and asked her to stop there. She stepped over to him and gave him a little kiss on the lips, thanking him for his compliments. She then kissed her friend fully on the lips and told her she thought she should go next.

I can remember that the taller girl danced to OutKast's Hey Ya, a song with a much higher tempo. She was much taller than all of us and her routine was amazingly energetic. She had a great body but I felt that our guest had responded much better to the first dance. She gradually let her dress fall from her shoulders and to the floor, exposing her large bare breasts and a tiny g-string. She finished and stepped over to the sofa, sliding herself in between our gent and her friend. He couldn't help but look at her impressive boobs as she leant next to him.

The three of them looked at me and I stood up and walked over to the music. I had already decided I was going to dance to the Gnarls Barkley Crazy. I had performed to this often in the past and knew it would be a perfect routine, a great mix between the songs we'd had already and I knew the moves well, and was confident they would push every button.

I started slow, moving my hips and shoulders in gentle rhythm with the opening of the song, building up to slow reveals of bare skin and eye contact with our guest during the chorus. I was wearing a black dress, which I gently moved into position so that it would fall to the floor in one movement when I released it. This left me with my back to them, and I bent over so they could see my bum and appreciate my legs. I unclipped my bra and held it to my breasts, but as I was about to release them our guest again asked me not to. I slipped the bra back on and the song ended. The next track began and I turned the volume down. Back on the sofa, he complimented me on my dance and we kissed. The other girls were lovely too, I had told them I had danced before and had particularly liked that song. We poured some more drinks and spoke some more and by now I knew I was getting a little bit tipsy with the wine.

Our guest leant forward and asked us the question we'd been waiting for him to ask since he'd arrived. What were his requests and what were the games he'd like to play? He looked at the cases that were next to my dining table and asked us if we were curious about them. When I said that I was, he invited me to walk over to them and open them up. I stood from the sofa and approached the first case. After a second of struggling with the clips, it sprang open. Inside were four white boxes. I opened them and each, in turn, was a magnificent and beautifully made cake. I turned to look at our client; he was beaming, a smile wide across his face, and asked me if I liked what I saw.

The taller girl walked to the second case and opened it. Inside again was a similar site. Extraordinarily ornate hand made cakes, covered with lashings of cream, fruit, chocolate and of various types. We looked at him with curiosity and he said only two words to us; "food fight!".

I felt a rush of excitement, a mixture of happiness, fun and nerves. The other girls smiled and wanted him to repeat his request. He did, and explained he just wanted to sit back and enjoy us enjoying ourselves. I asked if he wanted to go to one of the bedrooms but he told us he was comfortable where he was. The shorter blonde picked up a strawberry and moved over to her taller friend. Starting between her legs, she ran the strawberry up over her tummy, to her breasts, around her nipples and up to her lips. She licked the trail of cream that the strawberry had left behind and then they each bit half of the strawberry before swallowing it. Our guest was delighted.

Although I'd drunk quite a lot, I took a bedsheet from a nearby cupboard and draped it across the floor. I was thinking ahead and pleased with myself. As I was straightening it up, our guest asked me to stand kneel before him and take off my bra. I unclasped it and dropped it from my shoulders, exposing my breasts to him and he smiled. He took my bra from me and lay it next to him on the sofa. He then instructed the shorter blonde to take a slick of one particular cake and told her how lovely it would look across my breasts. Leaning down and still facing him, I leant back as she smeared the cream and sponge cake across my breasts. She covered both breasts as best she could, smearing the cream and rubbing it around my nipples. When complete, he told the taller girl to taste it, and she leaned forward and her tongue lapped around my breasts. The feeling was delightful and our guest was also lapping it up in his own way.

Over the next three hours, we worked our way through all of the cakes. I'm pleased to say most of it was not eaten as I would worry about my figure, but everything I tasted was exquisite and a delight. We lay naked upon the floor together, it seemed almost every inch of us was covered in either fruit, cream or chocolate. This was the first time I had ever given oral sex to a girl, but the feeling was just too powerful to resist. I had dropped a mixture of chocolate sauce and cream onto her tummy and it ran down between her legs. It seemed absolutely instinctive to me that my tongue would follow the route that chocolate ran, and before I knew it I felt myself licking and tasting between her legs. For a moment I think we all lost track of where we were, this was a truly sweet moment in every way imaginable. At the end, we lay back exhausted. The client looked at the time and told us that he had to go. He held the empty cases together, gave us each a kiss, and left. We looked at each other, smiled, and all squeezed into the shower together, helping each other to get our bodies clean. After the show, I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. I blew out the candles and told the other girls they were welcome to fall asleep if they preferred to stay. They agreed.

The next morning, I woke up wondering if the previous evening had really been as I'd remembered it. I had slept naked, put on just a t-shirt and walked downstairs. My heart sank as I saw my beautiful living room. The aftermath of a chimps tea party would've been cleaner. I remember thinking I must've drunk too much to not realise what was happening. My sheet had protected things to an extent, but there was cake everywhere. The entire living room was covered in bits of cream or sponge or fruit that had gone astray at some point.

I checked on the other girls. The taller girl had left during the night, but the shorter girl was lovely and offered to stay behind and assist me in the grand clear up. Fortunately, my house mate wasn't due back and also I didn't have any other commitments that day. The sight of us in our marigold gloves was in stark contrast to the previous evening and it took us the whole morning to get everything clean. I never saw the client again and in the time that I escorted in London, never received a similar request.

In the time following, I thought about who made those cakes, and the care that had been put into such unique creations and their presentation, and if they could ever have begun to imagine how they would've ended up. One day I was sitting in a cafe with a friend, she was eating a cream cake and in the background the song Crazy came on. She asked me what I was smiling about and I simply told her that I liked to dance to that song.

This article was uploaded in March 2014.