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Simone's Photoshoot Outtakes

Some lovely outtakes from » Simone's recent photoshoot.

Simone recently arrived in London and had her first ever photoshoot. A combination of first time nerves, heady excitement and sheer fun quickly led to meltdown as Simone succumbed to an extreme fit of the giggles. This all led to the shoot taking much longer than it should while Simone tried to compose herself for some of the more serious and sexy poses. Simone is one of the loveliest young escorts we've seen for a while and a huge amount of fun. We hope you enjoy these photos and we'll try and obtain more outtakes in the future.

Simone Outtake escort Photo one

Simone Outtake escort Photo two

Simone Outtake escort Photo three

This article was uploaded in September 2014.