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True Story: Surprising Escort Outcall Booking

This article presents a true story written by an author who wishes to remain anonymous.

True Story Escort Cinema Booking

When I received a call from the escort agency that a client wanted to book me for a cinema visit I was surprised and a little excited. I’d never had a date with a client in a cinema before and had no idea what to expect, but the agency informed me that he was a regular caller and other ladies regarded him highly. The weather was bad in London, it was grey and raining all day and I assumed some entertainment would do me good so I agreed. The client had requested that I should get dressed in a black skirt, white blouse and that I should wear black stockings and high heels. Additionally a g-string and no bra were on his wish list. I got dressed as requested, put on my make-up and jacket, grabbed my bag and stepped out of the door.

I caught a taxi that dropped me right in front of the cinema. My client expected me to meet him in the last row and I could pick up the ticket as promised at the cashier. The seat next to me was empty when I sat down. I thought to myself that he must just be late. I took off my shoes and nestled myself in the soft seat, the cinema was only half full and the neighbouring rows were completely empty.

The first thing I noticed was his scent. It was masculine and striking and as much as I tried to concentrate what was happening on the screen, I did not succeed. I let my eyes wander to him, he sat about 5 seats further to the right. I liked what I saw. He had a slim and sporty figure, not too big, he was wearing black trousers and a light cream sweater. He had dark hair and he smiled mischievously when he noticed how I looked at him. I tried to follow the film and concentrate on the screen but I have to admit I was not very successful and the presence of this man was captivating.

Our eyes met again and again and it was obvious that he had lost interest in the film too, just as I had. A little while later he got up and asked if he could sit next to me, I said yes with a smile and wanted to move my legs from the seat, which he prevented by grabbing them quickly and asking me clearly to stay. He sat down and put my feet on his lap. The tingling sensation that ran through my body since he had appeared increased when he began to gently caress my legs. At the same time, his scent seemed to play with my senses, because I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of this stranger’s hands touching my legs, I had completely forgotten my client and why I was in this cinema.

I opened my eyes a bit and saw that he looked at me with a smile, his eyes wandered towards my neckline the contours of my hard nipples were visible through the white silk of my blouse, which obviously turned him on. I could feel his eyes upon me, how I reacted to this and I was amazed by the heat that ran through my body. His hands wandered more and more upwards, under the hem of my skirt, further upwards where they explored the end of my nylons and touched only briefly my soft, warm thighs, which left a burning sensation on my skin, just to return and devote all his attention completely on my thighs. I saw this unspoken question in his eyes, while his hands continued to explore naked flesh along the edge of my g-string. I parted my legs slightly. The heat and humidity which he felt when his fingers so gently touched my pussy certainly answered the question in his eyes.

When his hand slid under the g-string, my breathing got heavy, my pelvis rose to meet him and then he plunged into me, two of his fingers entered me slowly and intently while his thumb caressed my pearl. As much as I tried I could not suppress a soft moan. A quick glance around showed me that what we were doing was of nobody’s interest and so I allowed him to unbutton my blouse and he started to caress my breasts and nipples. Slowly I moved on him while I opened with trembling hands and an enormous appetite his belt and trouser buttons. His cock stood erect and steeply between us. He fumbled briefly in the pockets of his jacket and he took out a condom (I thought to myself that this man seems to be always prepared – so was I).

Quickly and confidently he put the condom on his wonderful cock and grabbed my bum firmly, lifted me up, pushed my g-string to the side and entered me. Slowly, very slowly he pushed me down and smoothly sunk his cock deep inside of me. I had to press my lips together in order to suppress a loud groan. Heat ran through me, gathered in my lower abdomen, which was now completely filled up by him and slowly I began to ride him leaning onto his thighs, enjoying the whole length of his cock, on and on I went. His tongue caressed my hard nipples with excitement, his hands held my bum tight. My body trembled, I knew I was close and a moan escaped my lips. He put his hand softly on my mouth and I drowned in his eyes while he pushed harder, he entered with strong moves and my body reared up, my nails dug into his thighs, my pussy held his pulsating cock and then I saw the familiar silky shine in his eyes and I knew he was coming. Two more pushes and he reached the climax deep inside of me, a wonderful and sensational feeling while I held him tight. Breathing heavily, we remained for a while in each other’s embrace, enjoying the quake that still fulfilled our bodies.

Slowly we became aware of where we were and with a smile he said gently that we should get dressed. It was high time, because just minutes later the lights went on. There he stood, he seemed like a wonder to me and he handed me an envelope and thanked me for a great date. I had completely forgotten why I was here, I had forgotten my client and there he was standing right in front of me. Somehow I knew I would not see him again, as this only works with the excitement of a coincidence, letting go and surrendering to the chemical reaction we produce, when two people meet that are made for it. I think of him once in a while with a smile on my face and a rich experience which I never had expected.

This article was uploaded in January 2014. It has minor edits for grammar.