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How I Started Escorting

This article was originally published in the » Rosebud London Escorts newsletter in 2011. It was written by "Leona", who has subsequently retired from escorting so unforunately we can't illustrate with a photo.

I grew up in Bucharest, Romania. When I was 18, I had finished high school and was planning to start university to study interior design. I have always enjoyed being creative and this was an area that had interested me. The institute I wanted to attend was in Bucharest, but unfortunately my family now lived quite far east of the city and this presented me with a practical problem. During the summer, one of my former schoolfriends, Aliscia, has returned to our town to visit her family. I had understood that she had been working in Athens, Greece, for 6 months and was enjoying her time there. After we had caught up on each others news and a few drinks, Aliscia told me that she hadn't been working as a waitress, as she had told her everyone back home, but as dancer in a gentleman's club. This was totally new to me, I was 18 but didn't really know about such things. She told me about the great friends she had made, the beautiful apartment that she lived in, the clients that she was meeting and, of course, the money that she was able to earn. After Aliscia had left, I had thought about everything she had said for a number of weeks. My situation was obvious; to attend the course I wanted in Bucharest, I needed to save some money and realistically that was going to take over a year, at the very least. I emailed Aliscia. It all happened very quickly, and before I knew it I was on a bus to Athens with one bag under my arm.

I was welcomed into the club immediately and having Aliscia there was incredibly fortunate. She took many hours to show me how it all worked, practice dancing on the stage and also dancing one to one, and let me borrow lots of her clothes. On my first night, I was so nervous I thought I was going to faint. The feeling in my stomach was a combination of nerves, excitement, anticipation and fear. I was worried I would mess up, that people wouldn't like me and that maybe I had made a terrible mistake. Before I knew it, the evening was over and had gone incredibly well. I had a considerable amount of attention, being the "new girl", and I was honest with everyone, telling them I was new and I hoped it was OK. The first time I took my clothes off was unbelievably exciting and afterwards I felt invigorated, confident and sexy. It was an amazing experience. I soon settled in, and within a month I had saved enough money to send some back home to my parents. I soon found that I had one major advantage of many of the other girls at the club, this being that I spoke fluent English. I had started learning English at quite a young age and, along with an interest in music, TV and films, had become quite fluent. This introduced me to many charming American and English clients at the club and I had always dreamed of visiting London or New York. After about 3 months at the club, I met another girl who had recently moved to Athens from London. It was from this encounter that I learned about the London escort scene.

Within a couple of weeks I had decided to make the move to London. Although I didn't know anybody in London and had not been there before, my courage was helped by one of my friends from back home, Joy, who agreed to join me. The club in Athens was just dancing, nothing more, but I was excited by everything I had heard about London. When we arrived, we rented an apartment near Edgware Road. We arranged to have our photos taken quickly and spent the next few days making the apartment attractive. When we received our photographs, we started emailing them to the agencies in London that had been recommended to us. Very quickly, we got calls back and before we knew it, we were on the websites. I chose the name "Leona". For the first few hours, my phone didn't ring and I was nervous that I had made a mistake. But then a call, asking if I would be able to go to one of the hotels on Park Lane to meet an American client. I agreed and got ready. Walking out, I put my arm out, called a black cab and gave the driver the address. When I arrived at the hotel, I was a little nervous that maybe I was attracting attention to myself, but I soon found the lift and made my way to the room. I had all sorts of images in my mind about who I would meet but I was reassured by how beautiful the hotel was. I walked to the room and knocked quietly on the door. The man that answered was younger than I expected, much taller than me, well groomed and very handsome. He smiled and invited me in. He was dressed elegantly and offered me a glass of wine. We talked for a moment, I was honest and told him I was a little nervous. He asked me to relax and was extremely charming. I never looked back.

Leona was with Rosebud for about 8 months, after which time she spent a few weeks in Germany and then returned to Romania to start her university course.

This article was edited slightly for grammar and spelling.