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How to view high quality escort photos

Rosebud strives to present the finest quality photos for all of our London escorts, and the pictures are presented on this website in their fullest quality where possible.

Did you know that you can enlarge the escort photos to their highest quality on this website? If you click on each photo within an escort's gallery, the picture will be enlarged to an appropriate size for your browser. However, what you might not have noticed is the option to enlarge the photo even further to its fullest available resolution using the button illustrated below pressing the "F" on your keyboard.

High Resolution Escort Photos

By selecting this option, the photo will enlarge to its fullest resolution that we have been able to make available. This is almost always bigger than the size you would see on the standard webpage or any other escort website in London.

As internet connection speeds have increased, it has been easier to present higher quality photos that sometimes have a slightly larger file size. In the past, we had to be cautious about presenting images with large file sizes out of consideration for visitors to the site who might be connecting to the website with low bandwidth and connection speeds, or those visiting the site with mobile devices. This has partly been addressed by the creation of a mobile version of our website, which automatically loads (instead of the main website) when a small screen phone is used.

The vast majority of photographs sent to the Rosebud agency by our escorts are taken by escort photographers based in London and we are given the final versions, that have usually included any airbrushing, colour correction or cropping. Only on very rare occasions do we do "in-house" editing, and this is usually to crop a photograph to allow it to be displayed better. Generally all photos are presented in the same aspect ratio, whether it be with a portrait or landscape orientation.

On occasion we are sent photos that have enormous file sizes that are impractical to put on the website. One example were photos taken by Mistress Divine; she had taken these photos herself and the file size of one picture alone was 1.5MB, with a picture size of 2554 x 3832 pixels. Putting all of her pictures up in this original format would slow the page loading time considerably, and so we reduced the picture to 20% of its original size, reducing the file size to just 92kb whilst retaining much of the quality and detail of the original photograph.

This article was uploaded in May 2014.