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My First Experience With Another Girl

This is another article that was originally published in the » Rosebud London Escorts newsletter in 2011. It was written by "Leona", who has now retired from escorting.

I had always considered myself "straight" sexually, and even now wouldn't describe myself as being bisexual. However, during one duo booking at a hotel in London, a feeling came over me that I hadn't felt before, and actually haven't really felt since. I had been sharing a flat with another girl, my friend Joy who I had known for many years. On two occasions we had actually been booked together by a gentlemen who had wanted to spend time with two girls. On these occasions though, we had never interacted with each other. We were, of course, quite relaxed with seeing each other naked, having shared a flat for some time.

One particular evening I had received a booking to a hotel that was not far from my flat. I was told by the agency that another girl would be present, as the booking was from two clients that were sharing a hotel suite and each had wanted the company of a different girl. When I arrived at the hotel, I was the first there, and so sat down and had a drink while we waited for the other girl. The clients were English and were visiting London. After about 15 minutes, the other girl arrived. I had not met her before; she was from Brazil and her name was Suzanna. She looked fantastic. She had long blonde hair, was of a similar height to me but had much bigger breasts. She was beautiful. We all talked for a few moments but then my client wanted to retire to his room, and so we left the main room and Suzanna stayed there with her client. When we later returned to the main room, Suzanna and her client were still in the other bedroom. Although our time was up, I asked if I could wait for Suzanna so that we could share a taxi, something I always preferred when it became late. After about ten minutes, Suzanna came out of the bedroom, still looking amazing. She got ready and we left. In the taxi, we talked for a few minutes and Suzanna was trying to flirt with the driver so that he would give her permission to smoke a cigarette, but he wouldn't budge. She explained that she was from Brazil and was actually studying computer programming on weekdays, so only escorted in the evenings and weekends. We got back to my flat first and said goodnight. We didn't swap numbers and so I didn't hear from Suzanna again, but I thought of her occasionally.

After a few weeks, I received a booking from a different agency, again for a hotel booking in Central London. The agent told me that it was one client who had asked for two girls. I got ready and jumped in a taxi. When I got to the hotel, I made my way to the room and knocked on the door. I was surprised and thrilled when Suzanna opened the door. The client was German, he spoke perfect English, and it appeared that Suzanna had already been there for a little while. We sat down and shared drinks. The client was amused by the fact that we'd previously met and seemed to get on so well. I was so pleased to see Suzanna again but was also a little sensitive to how the client might've thought I was paying too much attention to her. After we had spoken for a while and had all relaxed, everything happened so quickly and spontaneously, with a feeling I hadn't enountered before. We had all moved closer together and everything felt very good. The client suddenly encouraged us to kiss. Suzanna leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. It felt like a sudden rush, a wave of heat moving over my body. I leaned forward and kissed Suzanna. Never before had I kissed another girl like this. The client leaned back and watched us. Suzanna began unbuttoning my shirt and removed it. She pulled back my bra and began kissing my breasts. I lay back, with my head in the lap of the client who began stroking my hair. I felt truly ecstatic, a new experience that was utterly unexpected. Before I had even realised fully what was happening, Suzanna had undressed me and was beginning to remove her own clothes. The client asked if we wanted to move into the bedroom but by this stage, I hadn't given it any further thought. Suzanna had much bigger boobs than me and a curvier bum, the most beautiful figure I've seen on a woman. She looked fabulous and before I knew it, she was completely undressed and kissing me again. I moved my head down and began kissing her breasts. For almost an hour we enjoyed each others bodies, and after that time just lay together, naked, next to the client who was still clothed and smiling at us.

I never found out if it was just pure coincidence that Suzanna was there, or whether Suzanna had asked the agency to invite me, but the time there was like a dream and a happy moment that I will remember dearly. I have never been with another girl again but the spontaneity and impulse of what happened that evening is something I will never forget. I never saw Suzanna again but was aware that she returned to Brazil not long after our time together.

This article was edited slightly for appropriate content, grammar and spelling.