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Leigh's Blog; Why I am reluctant to date online

An enlightening article by » Leigh, one of our lovely escorts in Central London.

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I would like to share my experience with online dating on a rather chilly spring Sunday afternoon. I am not sure how many of you ever tried the latest popular method of finding ‘true love’. Whilst there are certainly a few success stories, I will not be the one to gush about my findings.

After finishing my education, I really had things going for me. I managed to get myself a nice flat, I was offered a lovely job, something I always wanted to do. I got myself a pet and that was it... days and months went by, and it was always the same daily routine….7am get up (dreading that alarm tone in dark winter months, so hard to get out of my warm cosy bed )… 8am leaving the house and pushing with other folk on overcrowded London transport, hoping to be able to survive the morning commute in one piece and breathe! Just breathe. Finally out of the tube and my day starts, a few patients already waiting for me. Switching off my mobile go, get going. Finally 5pm can’t wait, picking up something for tea and dinner in my local Waitrose, promising not to spend more than 30 quid and there you go, 45 pounds twenty four pence please, says a friendly woman behind the till. Oh no, I truly don’t want to see my bank balance at the end of the month… I am scooping off my change and pushing off with my trolley.

Suddenly, I look around, and I see so many couples shopping together, some very affectionate and they are everywhere! The supermarket seems completely overrun with them… Aww… I am trying to pretend being blind, but deep inside I know there might be something missing in my life. Or someone to be specific. I am dragging several shopping bags home lamenting over how much I wish someone was helping me to carry them. Never mind. On my way home I meet a few more couples and suddenly I feel quite odd and inadequate.

Yes, I managed to graduate and managed to have a dream job but what about my life? Weekdays are practically non-exciting. Get-up, work, home, sleep, like a merry-go-round. Weekends I practically spend sitting at home reading books and watching telly or trawling the internet for the latest news online. Most of my friends are in a relationship and going out with them feels like a third wheel. I am craving a change.

I open The Mail online whilst eating my dinner and there you go, there is a fairly enticing article about online dating and all the success stories, plus photographs of happy couples who really ‘made’ it, where they live and how old they are. Surely this can't be bogus, they all look so overjoyed! Truth be told, I have been single for a while now and maybe it is about time to chase it else the ship will never sail. I typed online dating on Mr Google and several websites came up.

I heard of a couple of them so I decided to give one of them a go. I was just before my payday so forking out 30 quid for just one month seemed little too expensive but that night I was completely driven by curiosity and the urgent need to overhaul my love life.

Finally I finished creating my half flirty half serious profile and dug out a few publishable photos from my laptop folders. I couldn’t see what other ladies had, just men. I attempted a first browse and most gentlemen looked very amicable, grinning in their pics. I decided to give a late-night call to my girlfriend and ask her how to approach this whole hunt for my dream man. She exhaustedly said, please you must weed through them!! Just because they have nice photos doesn’t mean they look like their photos and are who they say in their profiles… oh that sounds somewhat familiar to me from all the punternet reviews about service providers… oh okay. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was nervous but in a challenging way.

My heart was pounding. Some men had really nice photos but some… a lot of them were shirtless (and very smug about it) showing off their nearly naked gym bodies to the public ‘looking for a serious liaison’. Yeah right, next please... after doing some more browsing I see that a lot of lads are having really odd photos. Some are bragging about their wealth, standing next to expensive lamborghinis, houses, advertising their yearly salary figures and expensive holidays and the worst out of all "ladies man" type of photos.

I don’t know but if I am looking for a relationship why would I post photos of me being awkwardly sat amongst a group of females all throwing themselves at me… No that won't do it, sorry mate…. It’s 1am and I am tempted to shut the computer down and go to bed and continue the following day which is what I decide to do, so upon my arrival home I instantly run towards my computer, quickly loading internet and straight onto my website profile… maybe Mr. Right will leave a lovely message for me?

I am finding out, my photos had some staggering 200 views, and just within a day I managed to get several email responses. After reading them, I was very disappointed. First email is sounding like: ‘wot u up to’. No hello, no introduction, no name. Okay, I am pretending I haven’t seen that one. Second email – May I request your company for dinner? Jimmy. You know Jimmy, you would be better off calling an escort agency if you REQUEST someone’s company. I emailed back saying, no thanks. Next one – A real mix of life story and sob story. Wife left him two months ago. Oh okay so you must be on the rebound then. Again, I promptly responded, No, thanks. I didn’t feel good at all.

All of a sudden, I started having misgivings about finding someone I like to be my friend and a companion and perhaps more… I rang up my very patient and experienced girlfriend again. She says, you must contact them yourself. Pardon me? She repeated in a disinterested tone. Will they not think I am desperate if I say hello first? No! All girls now do it otherwise you will not meet the right one. Oh dear, okay. I started trawling through various profiles in and around London but nothing that really caught my attention, when out of the blue I see HIM… Nice photos, he isn’t posing shirtless and not a single ladies’ man pic in sight, yay! But what if he rejects me? What if he emails and says I don’t like you. Bugger. I felt increasingly unwell at the prospect of being rejected by a bloke. After all, I am a nice young educated lady. I decided to pluck up the courage and say hello.

He was online. After I said hello he went offline. Oh no, he didn’t like me, well, never mind. I went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat and sort out some letters that arrived. When I come back to the lounge, I see I have a message in my profile box. It's HIM. HIM. Oh my gosh I can't believe it. My photos are good but it's so nice to get a quick response from someone you like. Well, respectively, like their profile. His name is Andy and he is Scottish but raised down here in Surrey. No friendly Scottish accent then haha. We exchange a few pleasant messages and he suggests me to write at his personal email, outside the website. Why not? I use my cryptic email address to hide my full identity until I get to know him. He asks me to send more photos, I don’t hesitate and dig out some 3 year old pics from my last holiday that still look up-to-date. He likes them. He wants to meet me. Wow. Sounds like a good start.

We keep emailing each other back and forth and thanks to my lovely iphone I keep getting his emails like texts. I notice he never asks for my number. Maybe he is shy? I really would like to hear his voice and so I give him my landline number if he wants to chat and break some ice. He never responds to that and it baffles me. Oh well he wants to meet me tomorrow night at least. It’s a chilly end of March, two days shy of Easter holidays. As the following night approaches, I don’t know what to wear or how to behave, I feel I am regressing. I try to rehearse a few phrases in front of the mirror but somehow it doesn’t work. I must act as natural as possible. I am never nervous about meeting clients these days but back then, I felt nervous about meeting a friendly looking guy for a drink near my flat in W1. There we go, I am meeting him outside a pub called the Three Tons.

He is standing there waving at me and I can already tell he is very good looking, better than pictures. About 30, tall, lovely eyes and slim. I do not have any specific type. My ideal guy should have charisma and that doesn’t necessarily come with the Adonis look. It's already dark and very cold. The wind is blowing my dress up even though I am wearing a trench over it. I feel shy. I can't talk. I can't even look at him properly, what is the matter with me? I have never ever felt so nervous in my life. Why? Anyhow, as it happens, we can't find anywhere to sit down. It’s the Thursday before Easter so all office workers and late night shoppers are catching up. Everywhere is noisy and packed. Not great for a first date.

We manage to squeeze into a truly heaving pub/bar-hybrid. The music is very loud and the night revellers equally noisy in their debates. Ok there is a tiny table by the cold half open window. Will have to risk not catching a cold. I take my coat off and sit down in my dress. I catch Andy’s eye. He is ogling my bust. Well after all, I didn’t tell him I was 34DD, did I? My dress is tight but my wallet is not since I just got paid. I offer to get my own drink. Andy declines. So I suggest going Dutch on the first date. We are chit-chatting but I am all blushing and talking nonsense. I am so nervous I can barely breathe. He is very good looking and he talks with a plum in his mouth. Certainly upper class. I am a down-to-earth lady and I am not used to this too much yet. It makes me even more nervous. He flicks through the photos in his phone showing me his parents house somewhere in Surrey (more like a mansion) and a plush, last year’s holiday in Marbella. I feel partly proud I can be out with such well-to-do guy, on the other hand he seems quite pretentious and unreal. Maybe it's just me imagining things. All of a sudden he randomly touches my knee and suggests to get out of the place.

It's approaching eleven. I would love to stay there longer but maybe he just had enough of me, haha. We walk out and head towards Marble Arch tube. Suddenly he gently grabs me in a dark alley near Selfridges and whispers my name. I start feeling coy and my heart is pounding. I know he wants to kiss me. But isn’t it a bit too early for all that? After all, he doesn’t want to be my client, he wants to be my boyfriend, at least I assume? I love kissing but I am reluctant to take it that far on the first night out. I try though and he is a great kisser. Okay enough for now one kiss must be enough lol.

We walk further towards the station and in my head I am already planning to say bye for the night. That’s it. I want to see him again. I really do. Suddenly he says to me he is feeling a bit dizzy. Maybe all the beer….i grab his hand and ask if he is okay. He says he doesn’t feel fit enough to travel back to Surrey right now. I feel sympathetic but I keep telling him I can't take him home because we only just met, but frankly, He doesn’t look well. Okay okay, I keep asking myself what is the difference between him and a client visiting me? Well there is no agency between us, no one to help if anything… I feel bad. I should send him to a hotel but can't. I am a softie.

I take him to mine. I have never done this before, but I am doing this now. I can fully imagine how my mother would scold me… He lies down on my sofa. I bring him a drink. So this is where I live. He loves my place. He is feeling better and I am hoping that he will leave before midnight. I don’t want to look easy but I already crossed that bridge for him. Suddenly he starts talking sweet and romantic and I fall for it, get swayed and we head to the bedroom.

We are touching each others naked bodies and I notice he is well endowed. We cuddle but i feel uneasy. That’s not how I wanted the night to go. I lost control over how things panned out in the end. It was meant to be a short date and now he is here, naked in my bed. I try not to hear the warning bells. We cuddle and he likes my touch. Suddenly he wants to put it in me without a condom . I stop him right there and then and say no please! He asks why. He says he is clean. I am losing respect for him. I feel the night is spoilt. He doesn’t care about his health and ultimately about mine. I feel I can't trust him anymore and therefore sex is very mechanical which I don’t enjoy. I was trying to get myself into it but in my head I kept thinking: how many more girls does he bang without a condom? He wasn’t even happy to wear one.

After we finish, I wish him a good night and desire for things to be okay the following day. Maybe it could still work out but deep down I knew it was already over. We had morning sex WITH a condom to his repeated dismay. When he got dressed he said he would like to take me to the cinema in the evening which surprised me. Oh so you aren’t one of those one night standers I thought. I felt knackered and it was Easter Friday. I slept on and off then went to Hyde Park for a walk. I kept checking my emails in my phone but nothing from him. 3pm, 4pm 5pm, nothing.

I am in an audacious mood and email him asking whether we're still going out tonight so I can get ready. He replies rather hurriedly that his mum just called and he must stay with them for Easter weekend. Oh….ouch. That didn’t sound good at all. I am wishing him a nice time letting it be for now. As days went by, I didn’t hear from him, not even a little nudge. I started feeling deceived and regretted the whole hanky panky hook-up.

After two weeks, on a sleepy Sunday night, I receive an email from him saying he has a girlfriend but he had a nice time, wishing me the best of luck. Oh well, it I am better off without seeing you again anyway but can't help wondering why Andy is was on a dating site and gets about without a condom when it comes to sex with strange females. I wasn’t angry, I felt kind of relieved but at the end of the day, it still didn’t help how I felt and I vowed myself to give it all a rest. I met a friend and he tells me, "didn’t ya know dating sites are full of spoken for people looking for some fun or entertainment?". Naïve gullible women who fall for their every word (yep, me).

I then searched for some more feedback about dating sites and found out that the success rate is very low and a lot of men are looking for girls for one night, minus paying the dosh and its more about having a bit of fun instead of taking it up a notch. Fair enough. After that I decided to remain single and later join an agency to break the rut in my life. I was missing sex and chatting to nice lads and that’s what I get now. since I don’t want to waste time trawling through profiles feeling desperate because believe me, I am not.

You have to be happy with your life and yourself first before deciding to find love, and I am very happy and enjoying myself. Agency work is exciting and mentally rewarding too as you get to make men feel special. Men who need cuddles, sex and attention just like I do without crossing the boundaries. After all, if you don’t look for it, you will find it.

This article was uploaded in May 2014. It has only minor edits for punctuation.