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Airbrushing Photos

We are sometimes asked if the photos at » Rosebud London Escorts are genuine.

At Rosebud, we meet every escort that asks to put her photos on the website. This is to ensure that the photos that you see on the website really are of the escort that you have arranged to meet.

Most escorts in London have their pictures taken by one of a few photographers that specialise in escort photography. In truth, almost every photograph that is subsequently received by the escort after her photoshoot has some element of airbrushing, sometimes referred to as "photoshopping" (the term comes from the Adobe software that is often used).

Sometimes the software is used for minor airbrushing to remove blemishes or tidy parts of the image (for example, a lighting stand in shot). In other cases, the technique can be used to make the model appear more flattering in her appearance. For example, in the image below we show a before and after shot of our London escort Erika.

Erika London Escort Picture Airbrushed

This picture was taken in the summer of 2013. The most obvious adjustment is the narrowing of the models midriff and then a slight correction to the overall colour contrast of the image.

As a general rule, when we receive photographs that we do not believe to be representative of the escort pictured, then we decline to represent them. This standard of excellence has ensured that we continue to promote the best and most beautiful escorts in London.