Why do escorts in London change rates?

Why do London Escorts change their rates?

We are occasionally asked why certain escorts increaes their rates.

This question is usually triggered by mild disappointment because a lady that the caller intended to meet has increased her rates.

The answer is often, quite simply, one of demand. An escort that has received excellent feedback, found regular callers and perhaps had too many requests to deal with can often find herself in a position where she has to make this decision.

Escorts find this occasionally an uneasy choice. Firstly, they don't want to disappoint regular callers that might want to see them again, but also they can have some concern that they might make the wrong decision and not attract any callers.

This is also a reminder that pioneers or brave individuals can sometimes find treasure. Many years ago Rosebud represented a truly lovely 18 year old Russian, new in London and with photos taken on her phone that were of poor quality. She began with the lowest rate and those that met her were stunned by her beauty, charm and their encounter. Within 2 weeks she had her first professional photo shoot and with it her rates doubled (and subsequently increased further). If you see a new escort you really like, be bold and make the booking, sometimes waiting for feedback is too late if the escort then increases her rates.

As a consolation for those that have faced the disappointment of discovering a rate increase, remember this; if the escort's rate has gone up, then she's clearly doing something right and you have made a good choice! You can check out the » London Escorts Gallery of all availble escorts in London.