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Check Escort Availability

To make a booking by telephone, please call us on +44 7532 032076.

We are currently trialling a simple system for you to check the availability of your desired escort in London that informs you via SMS text message. You must enter your mobile phone number.

To check availability, here's how it works;

Step 1: Complete the form with the name of the escort you would like to meet and the time you would like us to check
Step 2: Please enter your phone number (no spaces, only numbers). If you have an overseas number you may find it easier to send us a message via the contact form (top right in menu)

Upon submitting your request, we will check your request and respond to you via SMS text message.
Response 1: If your escort is available you will simply receive the text message "YES". You can then call us to make the booking at your convenience.
Response 2: If your escort is available but at a different time you will receive the text message "YES, 7pm?" with the time indicating the nearest available time to that requested.
Response 3: If your escort is not available at any time near to your initial request you will simply receive the text message "NO".

Please note you cannot confirm bookings with this form, it is solely a tool to check availability.

This form is intended for checking availability in the next few hours. To check future dates, please use the contact form in the top menu.

Please ensure you type your mobile phone number correctly.

Please note we do not keep records of phone numbers and all communication adheres to our privacy policy, the link for which is at the foot of this page.